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Psychic/Mediumship Drop In Development Class

​​Open to anyone who would like to 

strengthen their intuitive abilities in

a fun and supportive environment. 

Time: 6:30-8:30 pm 

**NEW** Location: Rusty Macdonald Library (225 Primrose Drive) by

 Lawson Heights Mall

Cost: $20 fee per class

​​Dates: Wed. Mar. 22, 2017

New Office Location


Saskatoon, Erindale!

All appointments are now

at this location


Body Soul Spirit Expo

March 10-12,2017

Jodie will be lecturing each day and 15 or 30 min sessions at her booth.

March 13-14

1 hour private sessions. $200.00

To book any of the the above contact Maggie  maggiej1030@gmail.com

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​​Jodie Rollins,is an internationally renowned, Canadian Psychic Medium and 

an expert in the Law of Attraction. 

Her unique, and honest approach to the world of spirit, and our responsibility to our own spirit is truly a powerful combination.


 It is her souls desire and greatest joy, to 

assist others on their journey, so they may live a life full of love, connection and most of all fun!                                               Life is supposed to be good!

​Up Coming Events


​​  "An Evening of Spirit" with ​​​Jodie Rollins & Barb Mather

 March 30, 2017​

 Rusty MacDonald Library 
 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Join Jodie Rollins and Barb Mather for an intimate evening of receiving messages  from loved  ones who have passed on and/or from Spirit Guides into your past,  present and future.  This  dynamic duo will reach as many members as they can    during this event; however, keep in  mind that spirit with the most dominant energy  will be the ones who will come through. While  the ladies will do their best to keep  the readings equal lengths, spirit may have more to say to  some people than others.  Some readings may be five minutes, while others may be a bit  longer.

 The evening will begin with an explanation of mediumship connections and the spirit  world.  They will then bring messages from the other side to a variety of people in  attendance.  Although not everyone is guaranteed a reading, many have reported  this as being very uplifting  and beneficial.  An experience you won’t soon forget.  We will be ending the evening by  answering general questions from selected  members of the audience.
 Please remember this is a small venue event that is much more intimate and  personal.  

 If you purchase a VIP ticket you will have a meet and greet after the event and  receive a swag  bag filled with goodies, coupons, freebies, etc.