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All information and/or advice given by Jodie Rollins should not take the place of any medical, legal or financial advice given to you by any qualified professional.   Jodie Rollins will not be held liable, at any time, for any interpretations or decisions made by clients based on information provided at their session. Services provided by Jodie Rollins offer insight and are meant for entertainment purposes only, they should not replace medical or psychological treatment.  






Group readings are a great way to come together with friend for an extraordinary experience and great fun!

These are booked in the hosts home and Jodie will come to you.  Jodie provides two types of group readings. 

Psychic Group Reading

Option One

Jodie will give a brief talk on intuition, guides and angels and how to connect better to 

your own guides and angels. She will then demonstrate her gift by giving a message or a question

to those in attendance

Option Two

Jodie will give a brief talk about intuition and spirit and the give mini readings in a private

room to each person attendance.

Mediumship Group Reading 

Jodie will give an brief explanation of mediumship  and the spirit world. She  will then bring

messages from loved ones on the other side to various individuals in attendance. 

Prices are based on a two hour session within the Saskatoon area. 

 3 - 5 People
*** The session is one hour and 30 mins and the cost is $450.00***

6 - 12 People
$600.00 flat fee ​

13 - 25 People
$50.00 Per Person



Invite Jodie to speak and/or demonstrate at your event!

Speaking Topics:

Psychic abilities (yours and hers)

Law of Attraction (How to use it and how you may be blocking your own abundance)

Connecting to guides and  angels (How to connect and receive more signs)

Mediumship (what it is and how it can help people)

Topic of your choice
With each topic is fun and informative, with great stories and experiences from her own life as a Psychic Medium.


Option One - Psychic- Jodie will give an explanation of what psychic reading is and then she will give psychic messages to members of the audience as well as messages from guides and angels.

Option Two - Mediumship - Jodie will give an explanation of what mediumship is and how she works                    with spirit world. She will then bring messages from loved ones to various                                                                         individuals in attendance. 

 To book Jodie for your event or for more information, please contact Maggie 

at maggiej1030@gmail.com


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