Psychic Mediumship Readings



 A Psychic reading is for people looking for information about relationships, love, work, finances, etc.  This can be  anything to do with life, past, present and future.
 You can ask the questions in a psychic reading, and through Jodie’s gifts of clairvoyance (see), clairsentience (feel),  claircognizance (know) and clairaudience (hear), you will receive information that will assist you in moving forward in  your life for your highest good.

 Jodie recommends making a list of questions before the reading. Any and all  questions are welcome. Please DO NOT

 make a payment until you have booked and your appointment has been confirmed.


A Mediumship reading is a communication with departed loved ones in the Spirit World.
 Jodie will make a connection and using her gifts of clairvoyance (see), clairsentience (feel), claircognizance (know) and  clairaudience (hear) to share with you evidence of this person and then pass on a message from them.

  *Prices include GST*

  60 Minutes   (In person, telephone or Skype)    
  This can be for a Psychic or Mediumship or a COMBINATION of both

 $200.00  PAY NOW

 30 Minutes   (In person, telephone or online)

 This is for either a Psychic or Mediumship reading

 $125.00  PAY NOW

 Last Minute Reading  

This appointment must be made same day and booked over the phone    

$260.00  PAY NOW

All information and/or advice given by Jodie Rollins should not take the place of any medical, legal or financial advice given to you by any qualified professional.   Jodie Rollins will not be held liable, at any time, for any interpretations or decisions made by clients based on information provided at their session. Services provided by Jodie Rollins offer insight and are meant for entertainment purposes only, they should not replace medical or psychological treatment.  

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